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All bows carry a 1 year full warranty. After the first year, all bows carry a 25% warranty up to 3 years.


What Is Covered
  • All limb tip problems

  • All limb separation

  • Any cracks in riser or limbs

  • Limb twist in first year - only if bow Tips and Care were followed.

What Is NOT Covered
  • Any damage caused by the use of Fast Flight string on a bow that uses B-50.

  • Any damage caused by using arrows that are too light.

  • Any damage from NOT following our bow Tips and Care.

  • If a customer grinds, changes the design, sands, refinishes, or reworks a bow in any means, then the bow is no longer covered.

  • Nicks and scratches.

  • Streaking in glass, blemishes or shadows.

How To Contact Us

Call: 412-527-3425 OR use our contact form.

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