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Tips and Care

Always use a bow stringer.

Not using a bow stringer is the quickest way to cause limb damage.


Never Dry fire the bow.


Never leave your bow in a hot environment.
  • The most common example is your car or truck.

  • If you are leaving it in a hot area, ALWAYS unstring your bow and cover so it's not in direct sunlight.

  • ALWAYS allow your bow to cool down if its been in a hot environment.


Always check your string for wear and frays.

Especially check around the string groove. The string grooves cause wear from use.


Bow storage: NEVER stand bows on their end.
  • Long Bows can be hung from the string and bow vertically.

  • Recurve Bows can be hung by equal points on limbs horizontally.


Never use Fast Flight string on a bow that is not compliant with it.

Always use string that is recommended for that bow.


Never use an arrow that is too light for the bow.
  • Always use an arrow weight of 7.5 grains per lb or heavier.

  • For Hunting, I would suggest 10 grains per lb.

  • Failure to follow this advice will result in damage!

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