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About Us

My name is Mark Schade (nickname Chise) owner and builder. About 11 years ago I started building bows for myself. One of my goals as a bowyer is to bring to you an affordable bow with the dynamics and the cosmetics of the big companies. I am a small time bowyer. All my bows are handcrafted from start to finish by me. I pick all the woods so that you get the finest of materials for looks and performance. There are some things I look for in a bows, quietness, smoothness of draw, no hand shock and speed. I have incorporated all these qualities into all my bows.


I handcraft four different models of bows: The A. Stalker, The Oldtimer, The New Breed, and The Whippersnapper. The Whippersnapper is a kids bow built with clear glass and great woods not to cover flaws with dark glass and still keep it affordable. All of my A. Stalkers and New Breed bows come with a sure grip handle or leather which ever you prefer. My preference is a sure grip because if does not carry human scent after practicing with the bow. All bows carry a one year full warranty which is described on the warranty page.

Chise in action!
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