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Congratulations on some nice shooting!

Chise's Handmade Bows

The A. Stalker

Starting at $575

If you’re looking for the best hunting bow, you have found it!

  • A reflex/deflex longbow that when strung looks like the classic D shape.

  • Smoothest drawing longbow you will ever draw with absolutely no hand shock.

  • Uses a fast flight string or an equivalent.


  • Length: 60" or 64"

  • Draw Weight: 26 - 70 lbs

The New Breed

Starting at $575

The New Breed is a sleek looking pure hybrid that has a feel of a long bow, and the performance of a recurve.

  • The performance of this bow comes from its extreme reflex / deflex profile, when unstrung.  

  • This smooth shooter has speed with no hand shock. 


  • Length: 60"

  • Draw Weight: 26 - 70 lbs

The Patriot

Starting at $600

50 stylish recurve crafted with today's materials.

The name speaks for itself just like our military.

  • Responsive 

  • Accurate


  • Length: 58"

  • Draw Weight: 35 - 70 lbs

The Whippersnapper

Starting at $150

The Whippersnapper is a kid’s bow with the tenacity of Dad’s or Mom’s bow. This bow will make any kid proud. The grown-up look and the easy draw will encourage interest in bow shooting as a fun family time or as a future bow hunter.

  • Uses clear glass, nice pieces of different woods, overlays and limb tips.

  • Affordable!

  • Parents this is not a toy! This is the real deal.


  • Length: 46" or 48"

  • Draw Weight: 15 - 30 lbs

Options for all Bows:

Hand: Right, Left

Grip: Sure Grip, Leather (addtl cost)

Accent Strips: addtl cost

2 Wood Riser with Accents: addtl cost

View all available Woods ❯

Other woods are available upon request.

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